Wow, were we excited to try these! We love it when Nabisco puts fudge on their Oreo cookies. It adds an entirely new dimension to Oreo cookies as far as we are concerned. We love Oreos at our house and any new flavor is greeted with excitement.

This is the first time Nabisco has used dark chocolate in their fudge-covered Oreo lineup. The sheer amount of chocolate overload in this new Oreo flavor will make the chocolate lover in you truly happy. The typical chocolate cookie is used, but the creme has a nice rich dark chocolate flavor that reminds me a lot of the Hershey’s dark chocolate cocoa powder you use in baking. The taste is really good and the fudgy exterior adds a lot to the flavor. The exterior is really fudgy (is that a word?) but combined with the dark chocolate creme and chocolate cookie, it makes a wonderful combination. We love how crips the Oreo stays inside the fudge. Thinking about how Nabisco does this led to a long scientific/production related conversation at our house as we wondered how it was done. Does that make us all sugar nerds? (Yes, and that’s okay.)

We truly enjoyed these and recommend you give them a try. They are sure to make any chocolate fan happy and are a must for anyone who loves Oreos. We picked ours up at WalMart for $3.18 USD.

Dark Chocolate Fudge Covered Oreos
Dark Chocolate Fudge Covered Oreos

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