I’m not sure why Nabisco wants to start a war with the Girl Scouts of America, but this cookie sure seems like a shot across the bow. It could only be worse if Nabisco used some variation on the word “Samoa” to describe their cookies.

We much preferred the other new Oreo to start 2020, the Chocolate Marshmallow Oreo. This cookie has the classic chocolate cookie with a caramel creme and real, but extremely tiny, bits of coconut in between. The smell is there, it has that nice burnt butter caramel smell, it reminded several of us of the taste and smell of the buttered popcorn Jelly Belly flavor. There is a salty taste to the caramel, but we found it to have a bitter sort of aftertaste. We also thought it tasted like fake maple syrup or the crackerjack coating. We were not impressed. The coconut flavor is okay, but the pieces are super tiny. These won’t replace Girl Scout Samoas for us any time soon. We were not impressed with these and only 2 cookies were eaten out of our entire package.

We can’t recommend these unless you really, really love Oreos, run your own review Youtube channel or blog, or you want a not-as-good-Samoa-like taste before the Girl Scouts start delivering their cookies.

Lowest rating from us, YUCK, it’s down there with the Swedish Fish Oreo. We purchased our at WalMart for $3.56 USD.

Caramel Coconut Oreo
Caramel Coconut Oreo

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