At our house, on our birthdays, we each get to pick out special sugar cereal we like. Cereal is not a weekly purchase for our family, it’s a bit of a special occasion! Anyway, several people in our house always pick Reese’s Puffs as their birthday cereal of choice. So, when we read that Reese’s was going to make a BIG version of our favorite cereal, we were as happy as a pig in mud.

Our common thinking is that bigger is usually better. You like Snickers, then buy one of those 1 pounders they sell around the holidays, because that giant Snickers is so much tastier than a normal bar! Except, with cereal, we’ve found out that bigger isn’t always better, and it was a huge letdown.

The problem with these Reese’s Puffs BIG PUFFS edition is that the puffs are actually too big. Like comically too big. You can only fit two on a spoon and your jaw has to unhinge and open like a snake to fit them in. We found that they didn’t taste like the normal Reese’s Puffs either. They had the consistency kind of link a cheese ball, open an airy, not dense. So, while they should taste the same, as they say Reese’s Puffs on the box, they weren’t the same, bigger was not better.

We gave this our middle rating, they were okay, fun to try, but not something we’d buy again. We were extremely amped up to try them, but the taste fell short, but we were still happy we’d tried them. We picked ours up at WalMart for $3.64 USD.

Reese’s Puffs BIG PUFFS
Reese’s Puffs BIG PUFFS

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