If you are a fan of Kit Kats and popcorn, well, there is a candy bar for you! There have been recipes on the internet for a long time that show you how to mix Kit Kat pieces with popcorn and pretzels. However, Nestle went one step further and released a Kit Kat Chunky Popcorn bar, baking all that salty buttery goodness right into a bar. This was released in Dubai. We bought our bars through GB Gifts, a company in the U.K. that imported them from Dubai.

The one thing you need to know about Nestle bars, and yes, we’ve tried a lot of them, is that the chocolate used in most of the world is not the same as what is used in the United States. The rest of the world enjoys a smooth and creamy milk chocolate edition of the bar. The United States gets a sugar-filled diabetes bar that melts much less smoothly and isn’t nearly as creamy. Since this is an import, it falls into the very smooth and creamy milk chocolate variety, which is our family’s favorite.

Okay, the chocolate is great, but what about the popcorn!? I know that’s why you are still reading this far. Well, it’s different, definitely different. There are crunchy pieces of popcorn inside this bar, along with very buttery and super salty flavors. It reminds us of popcorn from a movie theatre, where the teenager behind the counter could care less that management said 4 squirts of butter, and they put on 8 because they weren’t paying attention. Then they threw on a very large number of salt shakes and well, that describes this bar. It is salty, it has a buttery taste, several of our family thought it was amazing, the rest thought it was absolutely horrible. The chocolate is fantastic, we wish that recipe was used in the United States.

So mixed reviews from us, great and horrible, it depends on what you like in a candy bar. We bought ours from GB Gifts, our cost was around $8 /bar USD. Expensive, but a fun thing to try if you are a sugar fan!

Kit Kat Chunky PopCorn
Kit Kat Chunky PopCorn
Kit Kat Chunky PopCorn

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