Oh, Nestle, you have secretly found our wishlist and made one of our wishes come true. We’ve been waiting and waiting for a U.S. release of a Lemon Kit Kat since we saw the Japanese release of the Setouchi Salt & Lemon Kit Kat flavor last June. We absolutely love lemon-flavored candy at our house, so we couldn’t wait to find these and try them.

It took some serious searching, but eventually, we found this Spring release, mixed in with Easter candy offerings. Easter candy is slowly making its way onto store shelves as Valentine’s Day candy sells out. These are easy to spot with their BRIGHT YELLOW bag color. A welcome sight for us, as we dream of Spring and watch winter dump snow on us and temperatures drop on a weekly basis.

When you first open the bag, a very light and delicate lemon smell greets you. It’s a great sign of what comes next. These Kit Kat Lemon Crisps are what my better half calls “3 bite-size” and I call them “entire thing fits in your mouth without looking like a pig”. These are the smaller size single bars.

The outside of the bar is a very nice pale yellow, definitely a white chocolate blend. The taste is absolutely amazing! It’s a very light and delicate lemon, much like the smell, that doesn’t overwhelm and doesn’t make you feel like you ate a super sour candy. It really does remind us of those store-brand lemon sandwich cookies you could buy in like a 50 pack when we were kids, although this is a higher-quality version of that familiar lemon cookie taste. These are much better than the Raspberry +Creme Kit Kats, the Kit Kat Duos Mint + Dark Chocolate, and Kit Kat Popcorn we’ve previously reviewed. Honestly, this is the best Kit Kat flavor we’ve had in some time and this is a fantastic way to start of the new year! Let’s hope the Nestle secret lab has some great new flavors to give us this year!

We give this one our highest rating, run out and try it now! We picked these up at our local WalMart for $2.98 USD.

Kit Kat Lemon Crisp
Kit Kat Lemon Crisp
Kit Kat Lemon Crisp

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